Wednesday, October 1, 2008

SSRS 2008 Report Manager could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS...

Ah, another SQL 2008 post. And not only that, but 2 in one week. That's like some sort of record for me. I must really have something to say for a change.

Anyway, yesterday I posted about WMI errors that I was recieving when trying to install SQL 2008. Today I hit another issue when I tried to get to the Reports folder in my SSRS 2008 instance.

I was trying to view http://[servername]/Reports, but I recieved the following error:

"The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel."

A link to the solution can be found here, but if you don't feel like leaving, simply follow these steps:

1) Open up the Reporting Server Configuration tool found under the SQL Server 2008 directory (Start->All Programs->Microsoft SQL Server 2008->Configuration Tools->Report Server Configuration).

2) Connect to your server / instance.

3) Click the "Report Manager URL" section. Under URLs: you will see 2 links, one to port 80, and the other to a SSL port.

4) Click "Advanced"

5) In the "Multiple SS: Identities for Report Manager" section, highlight the one item in there, and click "Remove"

6) Click "OK" and "Apply" all the way out, and you should be good to go!

Hope this helps!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Windows Management Instrumentation failed on SQL 2008 Installation

So here's the situation: I'm trying to install SQL Server 2008 on Windows Server 2005, with a pre-existing instance of SQL 2005. When I initialized the install, SQL 2008 threw an error over Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), and the error message lead one to think that the WMI service was not installed / running.

A quick check of my services confirmed that WMI was in fact running, and restarting the service as well as restarting the entire server did not resolve my issues.

I had found a couple BAT scripts that claimed to fix the issue like:

CD %windir%\system32\wbem
Mofcomp.exe cimwin32.mof
Regsvr32 /s wbemupgd.dll
Regsvr32 /s wbemsvc.dll
wmiprvse /regserver

The line Mofcomp.exe cimwin32.mof actually threw an error (Error Number: 0x80041014, Facility: WMI), but the error number only turned up this post on the Microsoft Forums, which did not help my problem. In fact the wbemtest.exe itself threw a WMI error at me when I tried to connect to "root\cimv2"

In digging through the server, and playing with the MOF files / mofcomp, it looks to me like my repository was corrupted somehow, and completely deleting the direcory did not help (in fact I would suggest against it! ).

Finally I found the holy grail of scripts, which did in fact fix my problem. Simply copy the script below, paste it into a file on your server / machine, save it as a .bat file, and run it. You might want to step away from the computer for a while, because it might take a while.

And finally, the script:

net stop winmgmt /y


cd %systemroot%\system32\wbem

if exist %systemroot%\system32\wbem\repository.old rmdir /s /q


rename %systemroot%\system32\wbem\repository repository.old

regsvr32 /s %systemroot%\system32\scecli.dll

regsvr32 /s %systemroot%\system32\userenv.dll

mofcomp cimwin32.mof

mofcomp cimwin32.mfl

mofcomp rsop.mof

mofcomp rsop.mfl

for /f %%s in ('dir /b *.dll') do regsvr32 /s %%s

for /f %%s in ('dir /b *.mof') do mofcomp %%s

for /f %%s in ('dir /b *.mfl') do mofcomp %%s


%systemroot%\system32\wbem\winmgmt /clearadap

%systemroot%\system32\wbem\winmgmt /kill

%systemroot%\system32\wbem\winmgmt /unregserver

%systemroot%\system32\wbem\winmgmt /regserver

%systemroot%\system32\wbem\winmgmt /resyncperf

net stop winmgmt /y

if exist %systemroot\system32\wbem\repository.old rmdir /s /q


rename %systemroot\system32\wbem\repository repository.old

regsvr32 -s %systemroot%\system32\scecli.dll

regsvr32 -s %systemroot%\system32\userenv.dll

mofcomp %systemroot%\system32\wbem\cimwin32.mof

mofcomp %systemroot%\system32\wbem\cimwin32.mfl

mofcomp %systemroot%\system32\wbem\rsop.mof

mofcomp %systemroot%\system32\wbem\rsop.mfl

for /f %%s in ('dir /b *.dll') do regsvr32 /s %%s

for /f %%s in ('dir /b *.mof') do mofcomp %%s

for /f %%s in ('dir /b *.mfl') do mofcomp %%s

net start winmgmt

%systemroot%\system32\wbem\wmiprvse /regserver


I can't take credit for this script, I found it here but it was kind of painful digging it out of all of the other crap on the page......

Anyway, peace!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My ISP is a damn dirty Commie...

I mean I realize that I come nowhere close to 250gigs of traffic in a given month (especially now that Baby is here), but still:,2817,2329170,00.asp

Come on. Seriously. Bastards.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

I have seen the Light!!

I have a horrible habit of reading web comics. It's been a guilty pleasure of mine since I made it to college and didn't have to rely on a crappy dial-up connection to trickle the internet to me.

Just this morning I was reading Three Panel Soul and beings the comic hadn't been updated since I last visited, I started reading the Artist's rant, and came across a link to a Swedish artist that the Three Panel Soul dude liked.

So following this path, I started digging through his website, I hit one section that had a CAPTHCA of sorts......a brilliant CAPTHCA if you ask me.

Now mind you, there's boobies involved in the page once you get through his little puzzle, but I thought it was absolutely BRILLIANT!!! I mean, I had more fun figuring out the puzzle, but it got me to thinking........

The problem with the Internet's too nice, a little too easy. There really should be a test to be able to earn the right to add content to The Tubes. To post a video to YouTube, or a comment to a blog, you should have to pass some sort of quiz, just to prove that you've got the cognitive capacity of at least a head of lettuce.

Hhhhmm...I'm going to have to ponder this one a little more (and maybe after a little more coffee).


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A quick post

I'm sure I'll start writing more once we get done house shopping / moving, but in the mean time....

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

EPIC FAIL!!! link's completely pooched (post right below this)......crashes my browser every time I try and open it. So here's the direct link and hopefully that'll work......


Gnar Wars....

Yes, that is a reference to Star Wars. Beings I'm kind of a huge geek, I can't help but to post this:

Gnar Wars
Gnar Wars

Sorry for the lack of embedding (pops open a new window)......not my fault, blame msn video.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dr. Tran Revisited

A long while ago, I had posted a video I found on you tube centering around Dr. Tran. I must have a f-ed up sense of humor, because I find very little popular humor / comedies funny. But Dr. Tran touched in me in ways that left me crying in laughter.

Today I am more than happy to post the follow up videos:

And then:


He's just handing them out!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Geeked out weekend.

Friday. The 4th of July. A day off of work. God it was needed. And god was it awesome. The Wife took The Child and went back to the original home state to visit family. This leaves me at home alone, and we can't have that now, so we invited the R over.

Now R and I have been friends for much too long, and know way too much about each other to be anything but the best of friends. That plus we're both really big video game nerds.

This being said, you can just about imagine what our day has been like. Hell, not even a day, the Geek Weekend started Thursday evening at around 6:00pm and the fun has yet to stop. Last night was a night like I haven't had in a long long time. The sun and the birds were my alarm to FREAKING GO TO BED. Man, I wasn't even sure 5:00am even existed anymore, but let me tell you it's there. It sucks less if you're going to bed vs getting up.

What could we possibly have been doing you ask? Well we started off with some old school Diablo 2 (and you really should go check out some Diablo 3 videos), then we turned to some Guitar Hero before finally settling on classic Neverwinter Nights to wrap up the evening / morning.

With the both of us rising with the sun......the noon sun, coffee and water was needed (forgot to mention that we also enjoyed some nice ice cold Bud Lite....woo!!!) before hitting the basement again to continue hiding from the Evil Day Star.

Today we flipped it around, and played a little Dungeons and Dragons from 2 till....hell 11 or so. Good times.

Maybe we should eat.....

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Nintendo Chior

As a geek, there are many things that tickle me in all sorts of funny places. This however massages so many receptors......

Nintendo Acapella

Add to My Profile | More Videos

I know this has been a series of not really posts. But that's life for you. You can't complain when I'm delivering such massive amounts of pure AWESOME!


Saturday, February 2, 2008

More to share...YAY!!!

Nothing like insulting a good third of the worlds population:

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why the war was really won....

Most weeks pass fairly uneventfully for me, and thus not really inspiring much that would be blog-quality literature. I know. That's really sad. This last week was not really any different, and the weekend, though completely enjoyable, was a weekend of personal time-wasting, that nothing really came of it.

Played with some 3DSM.
Sketched some.
Wrote some.
Researched ANSI 270 requests and the corresponding 271 responses (go ahead. Google it. I dare you.)

BUT going through my pictures I did find something that made me chuckle. And here it is:

You are so incredibly welcome.


Monday, January 21, 2008

I seem to have had this exact same dream before...

The comic is CtrlAltDel-Online and the website is here. Love it.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Because I love you.

I have been quite fascinated by tattoos, and especially the people that get them, as well as what goes through their minds when they choose a design that is going to be on them for the rest of their lives. And thus I find this site utterly amazing. That plus I just wanted to share the pain with you.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Over Exposition

This evening.....for the first time all winter.....I exposed myself (not literally) to the wonders that are (is?!?) Pacific Northwestern-er Winter (READ:Snow) Driving, and I was speechless. In a not good way.

Before I continue on, it should be noted that I consider myself a little bit of a misanthrope and therefore all comments, opinions, and observations are mine and mine alone, and probably are a little jaded. Where as most people will by default give General Humanity the benefit of the doubt, I personally would prefer to melt all humans with an orbital laser, while I hide in my lair and eat chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, and dream up essentially useless methods of crushing civilization (which would be oddly ironic, if I were melting all humans with an orbital laser, I would, in essence, be crushing civilization). I like to think I'm more Brain, but in reality I'm just a Pinky.

Anyway, on to the point at hand. While I am certainly no exception to the rule, and therefore quite just in my accusations, everyone on the road in front of me at any given point in time drives like a jackass. They drive too fast, to slow, or just plain retarded. I'm sure that I myself have been this exact same jackass, but from my perspective YOU are the jackass.

So given that I hate everyone impeding my clear and fast route to and from work, those people that do get in front of me, and thus slow down my trek, have an inherent level of fucktard-itude as depicted by the below graph:

Now, as I had previously mentioned, tonight was a brilliant night of snow and suck. I'm not sure at the exact chemical reaction in the brains of the typical north westerner, but SOMETHING happened, and the fucktard-itude factor grew exponentially as depicted on the below graph:

It probably doesn't help that I managed to fall in line (in traffic of course) behind Corky the Driving Imbecile and his magical Subaru of Retarded-ness. I feel I must expand on Corky and his driving abilities. Apparently he was taught that in traffic, after the line has come to a complete standstill, one must let a 6 to 7 car length gap open in front of you, before you slam on your accelerator, and pretend you're racing the quarter, only to slam on your breaks and come to a screeching halt aproximately 3cm from the bumper of the car in front of you.

For 5 miles.
I hate him so much.

Well, wish me luck tomorrow,

Monday, January 7, 2008

The end is in sight....hopefully

Well, it's again the new year, and I might as well kick off my trend of only posting once a month, early in the month. But there is hope. The Job should be slacking a little bit here soon, Mid-Year Reviews are coming up this week, which means that us support monkeys will be shoring up the last little bits of details, giving them to our respective bosses in nice shiney boxes, and then exhaling a huge sigh in relief. Yay, I'm so excited.

From what I understand, work sux from about October till mid-January, but then for the rest of the year life is good. Which means that I get to play with some of the fun stuff I've been meaning to do, but putting off, including Silverlight 2, Windows Sidebar Gadgets, and Visual Studio 2008!!! Can you feel the excitement?? The air is crackling with it!