Sunday, December 31, 2006

Holy Crap!! It's Sunday!!

It's sunday, and I still haven't posted yet. Good God do I ROCK!! One thing is for sure though, this whole experiment with blogging has given me a better understanding and respect for the people who do this for a living.

For instance, my web-comics. It's come to my attention that I don't even READ my webcomics as regularly as the creator creates them. Now this is arguable that the creators job is to create and entertain while my job is to be a code monkey, and therefore we have different focuses and direction. Although I must say, I WISH I could read my comics more regularly.....DAMN YOU CORPORATE WEB-FILTER!!! DAMN YOU!!!

But, just for entertainment's sake, I'll share a couple of my more favorite comics that help me deal with the gravity of the situation in regards to my own geek-ness. A quick list follows:

Now these are just a few that get me through the week, I'll probably update sometime with a complete list. That or, once I actually finish my website design, I'll have them all linked up there under my "Influences" section.

Peace brotha!


I forgot to tell you, Amazon's got cheap Xbox 360 wireless controllers, although I'm sure you've found them already. Just figured I'd throw that up there for the hell of it.

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