Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A promise to you, my Unreaders.

So on Monday of this week, I broke down and created this blog, as much to humor a personal friend of mine (to protect his identity, we'll just call him Chewbacca) as to humor myself and in turn waste some of the desperately long and meticulous hours that we call a "9 - 5 Job" that is such a necessity these days. Unfortunately MY 9-5 turned into a "7:30-5", but I'm sure we'll get into that eventually.

Anyway, after quizzing Chewbacca about the "blog-o-sphere" and the intricacies that make up a "blog" let alone all that goes into "blogging", and it became apparent to me that right off the bat I need to set an initiative. And then stick to it.

As you all know, the first is the easy part. Hell pretty much every day I wake up with initiative. Pretty much the first thought on my mind is "Today I am not going to hit the snooze butt.....ok maybe just once." It's the sticking to it that is a pain in the ass.

So here's what I propose to myself (especially considering that it is myself alone that probably will end up reading the vast majority of the writing here. And if per chance, someone is unlucky enough to stumble upon my literal haven, I sincerely apologize), the absolute minimum post rate is 2 per week. One on Wednesday, and one on Friday. Monday's suck because......well I don't have to justify this, we all know Monday is the worst day of the week, and then there's Tuesday. What good ever happens on Tuesday? Microsoft releases patches on Tuesday, and that might be all the excitement that one needs on a Tuesday. And then there's Thursday. With a Monday / Friday post schedule, use Thursday to build up the anticipation for the wonders that you read on Wednesday, which are nothing more than a precursor for the Friday post. And for my next act, I'll stop child labor in Malaysia.

Anyway, I must get going, Peace and be well.


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