Thursday, August 7, 2008

I have seen the Light!!

I have a horrible habit of reading web comics. It's been a guilty pleasure of mine since I made it to college and didn't have to rely on a crappy dial-up connection to trickle the internet to me.

Just this morning I was reading Three Panel Soul and beings the comic hadn't been updated since I last visited, I started reading the Artist's rant, and came across a link to a Swedish artist that the Three Panel Soul dude liked.

So following this path, I started digging through his website, I hit one section that had a CAPTHCA of sorts......a brilliant CAPTHCA if you ask me.

Now mind you, there's boobies involved in the page once you get through his little puzzle, but I thought it was absolutely BRILLIANT!!! I mean, I had more fun figuring out the puzzle, but it got me to thinking........

The problem with the Internet's too nice, a little too easy. There really should be a test to be able to earn the right to add content to The Tubes. To post a video to YouTube, or a comment to a blog, you should have to pass some sort of quiz, just to prove that you've got the cognitive capacity of at least a head of lettuce.

Hhhhmm...I'm going to have to ponder this one a little more (and maybe after a little more coffee).


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