Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Geeked out weekend.

Friday. The 4th of July. A day off of work. God it was needed. And god was it awesome. The Wife took The Child and went back to the original home state to visit family. This leaves me at home alone, and we can't have that now, so we invited the R over.

Now R and I have been friends for much too long, and know way too much about each other to be anything but the best of friends. That plus we're both really big video game nerds.

This being said, you can just about imagine what our day has been like. Hell, not even a day, the Geek Weekend started Thursday evening at around 6:00pm and the fun has yet to stop. Last night was a night like I haven't had in a long long time. The sun and the birds were my alarm to FREAKING GO TO BED. Man, I wasn't even sure 5:00am even existed anymore, but let me tell you it's there. It sucks less if you're going to bed vs getting up.

What could we possibly have been doing you ask? Well we started off with some old school Diablo 2 (and you really should go check out some Diablo 3 videos), then we turned to some Guitar Hero before finally settling on classic Neverwinter Nights to wrap up the evening / morning.

With the both of us rising with the sun......the noon sun, coffee and water was needed (forgot to mention that we also enjoyed some nice ice cold Bud Lite....woo!!!) before hitting the basement again to continue hiding from the Evil Day Star.

Today we flipped it around, and played a little Dungeons and Dragons from 2 till....hell 11 or so. Good times.

Maybe we should eat.....

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