Monday, March 12, 2007

See all the code and I watch it run....

Wednesday. It Snows. Thursday. It Snows, no office. Friday. It snows, no office. Monday. Whoa buddy, shit's fucked up! A week later, and it's finally slowing down. As with everyone I'm sure, I love me my Mondays. In fact I spend the vast majority of any given weekend just dreaming about what is going wrong while no one is around to touch servers.

So, come Monday, it's a virtual Russian Roulette, press the power button on the computron, and speculate at the wonders that will great my eyes. Through all, I find that the correct theme music could sooth even the worst of days. Some days it's a O.A.R. day, other it's definitely Blood for Blood. This week, it's Nerdcore ( again ), in it's various emulations.

I am not entirely sure how this man has slipped under my radar for so long, but no longer. Personally, I'm not overly a "Rap" or "Hip Hop" proponent, but there something about hearing music that has is a direct reflection of my personal hobbies and obsessions that just bends tastes and likes.

I also managed to find a nice article on Nerdcore found over here. I mean hell, it's even in Newsweek. It's gotta be awesome is my standard for awesomeness......or something.


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