Tuesday, February 27, 2007

An All Too Convenient Hypocrite

There are things out in the world that just really push my buttons, and then there are things that are so far beyond ludicrous that you just can't help but look on as a casual observer, shake your head in dismay, and continue on with your day.

THIS would be one of those. (I'll try and keep the link updated).

A typical case of "Practice what you preach you self righteous prick", but on a national level. People of this caliber pretty much deserve to be bound, gaged, and shackled to their soap box while the rest of humanity, whom he refers to with such open contempt, lights the box on fire underneath him. [sarcasm]Good Job Al Gore, you and your inflated ego definitely get my vote in '08[/sarcasm].


Eric said...

Don't fall victim to Right-Wing spin!


MJ said...

And we all should not fall victim to the left-wing "Oh shit, quick, look over there and not at any actual facts" scheme of cover-up. ;o) This is the beautiful thing about politics, eventually all discussions degrade to a far left / right screeching match. Which is why I program. Computers at least are logical (for the most part).