Monday, February 12, 2007

Another Monday, and a week of Teh Suck.

It is a damn good thing that no one actually reads this blog, or depends on my ramblings for any semblance of entertainment throughout the course of their day, because I would have more than let them down, and depending on the mental depravity of some readers, possibly sparked a massacre.

Well last week was a complete wash, and I must say, I hope to never have one quite like it again. While nothing specific happened to make it a "Bad Week", there was a general pall in the air that make more sensitive persons quiver with distaste. Projects in the air, projects coming to ends, and friends leaving. I have hope for this week, as I'm a firm believer of The Wheel of Fortune (not the game show), though probably not as literally as some cultures.

Basically it's like gravity, what goes up, must come down, but unlike gravity, what goes down, does also in turn go back up. At the very heart of it, throughout the course of ones life / hour / day / year, there are ups and downs. As much as I wish that I would only have the ups, you need the downs to re-establish yourself. It serves to remind you that the goods are in fact good. If everything was good all the time, well then what would that serve? What would be our point of reference, we would become spoiled.

Yes, we do in fact need the downs, a friendly reminder that what we have is in fact good, and that happiness is much deserved. Lets just hope that the rock bottom of the downs isn't filled with sharp pointy rocks.

Sunday was quite possibly the greatest day I have had in a long time. Without a doubt, it was the most satisfying day. It was so great in fact that I will extend it's greatness not just through Sunday, but let if flow backwards and include Saturday Night. While Saturday was filled with paying homage to the Great Behemoth,the IRS, Saturday night was spent in the company of caring friends and neighbors. This was only the precursor to the awesomeness that became Sunday.

Sunday Morning. One wakes up after a refreshing night, having actually slept in for a change. The Wife leaves with her mother, leaving One alone at home. Oh what to do, how to fill my time? Lucky for me, a new book had come in the mail, just Friday. With just the tingling of a headache, I was able to celebrate the silence by spending the entire afternoon reading. It has been AGES since I've had the time (and a book that would keep me interested) long enough to read for hours, of which I finished the first book (as it was a trilogy wrapped all in one gargantuan book).

For any A) SciFi fans and especially B) Warhammer 40K fans, I would highly suggest Dan Abnett's Eisenhorn. While I'll probably withhold from scrawling a complete book report until I have finished the final book, I will say a few things. Dan Abnett has managed to find that indistinct line at which the author paints just enough detail to give the reader the form and function of his world, but leaves enough ambiguousness that the reader is drawn into a world shaped by an author, but painted by him or herself.

Another Day, hopefully another dollar or two......

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