Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The subtle collapse of my tiny Universe.

All too often, whilst perusing the vast info-byways of the internet, I find myself reading some article or another (be it a blog or otherwise), and think to myself "I should put this in my blog to share with anyone who accidentally finds themselves at the mercy of my musings." And then I go on about my business, never giving it even a second thought.

Much less often do I read something and become so enthralled that I am shocked into motion and actually post it here. THIS is one of those articles. First off, it's an article about The Pirates Bay, which, as any good BitTorrent-er knows is the housing structure of one of the more renown and respected BitTorrent sites. But then comes the shock. Its a well written, informative, enthralling article......published by Vanity Fair. My amazement was so complete that here I am, sharing with you.

I hope you enjoy as much as I did,

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Eric said...

You do know that the Internet isn't really an info-byway at all, but a series of tubes, right!?