Friday, March 30, 2007

I love me some Friday!

Wow, maybe this is just a weak attempt at making up for posting NOTHING for the first part of the month, that or I'm in a lull in projects, or it's Friday and I'm feeling about as motivated as an apathetic stoner surrounded by cheetos. I'm not sure exactly what that means, but it's kind of an interesting mental image.

As I've said before, every once in a while, I find myself reading some article / blog that is so earth shattering or mind boggling that I'm forced to blog about it. This would be another one of those. Originally I found it in some random forum about 90,000 years ago, and for some odd reason it came to mind again today, and it still was able to reduce me to tears. Everyone needs a good laugh on a Friday, and this'll get the job done perfectly.

Over on 1Up, they have an article about Video Game Obsessions and what not. My only thought throughout the whole article was "What?? Theses are bad things? Shit, I thought they were typical behaviors and features of being a gamer." Apparently now I have to rethink my life's direction. Meh, fuck it. ;o)

On a side note, I am implementing a proxy client for all my browsing needs here at work, because......well because I don't like people spying on my activities. And because I blog at work, and they might not like that. Anyway, I'm using Tor, and my exit point is always bouncing, which is kind of fun for sites that try and delve your physical location and apply settings based off of that information. Like right now, Blogger seems to think I'm Russian, as all the text is in Russian (or some other such language that I don't know). It's actually really cool if you ask me. So you should check it out if you're looking to beat some corporate filters. Or if your internet is moving too fast and you want to slow it down.

Or something.


Edit: LOTR has an Open Public Beta going on. Go get your Key!!

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