Thursday, April 19, 2007

Avenged Sevenfold - Exploding through your ear hole, and sodomizing your pleasure a good way.

Avenged Sevenfold. They create music that is so full of awesome that it could rape your mother and you'd be like "That's coo." Well maybe not, but it has been quite a while since I've been rocked quite like I'm being rocked now. A friend referred to them as "A little hardcore don't you think?" to which I promptly kicked him in the face and called him a "pussy".

I'm not going to waste valuable time trying to put into words what it feels to be rocked like this, just go to their website and download some of the free samples, and witness the rocking-ness for yourselves. Go. Now.

Ok, if you're still here, I do in fact have more things to say regarding Avenged Sevenfold. One of their songs "Beast and the Harlot" (Available for download from their site...go get it!!!) makes an appearance in Guitar Hero 2. Now I've been able to resist the call of GH II for quite a while now, despite the fact that it combines 2 of my favorite 3 things in the world, Guitars and Video Games. The third favorite of course being sex, but the combination of Guitars and Video Games just might be enough so supersede sex.

As I said, I've been able to resist the ever seductive call of GH II, but with the advent of my discovery of "Beast and the Harlot", I might break. I have never in my life thought I would see the day when I'd buy a video game simply because of a song in it.


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