Friday, January 26, 2007 New York?!?!?!?!?

The other night The Wife and I were watching some Tele (if we were Ausies or English. Fucking Brits. ;o) ), or for the literate among us, watching some television, viewing our nightly programs, or gluing ourselves too the boob-tube. Anyway, the show we were watching this particular evening was "I love New York", and for those lucky enough to not know what I"m talking about, I'll expound.

"I Love New York" is a show building upon the popularity of "The Flavor of Love", a "Reality Dating" show in which the has-been rapper Flavor Flav (correct me if I misspelled the misspelled name of such an influential rapper please.....don't actually.) searched for love from the hoards of females who still remembered who he was. The entire show followed the format of The Bachelor (and related shows), minus proper english, and plus crack whores......loud obnoxious crack whores. In fact, referring to some of the women on that show as "Crack Whores" is an insult to hard working crack whores the nation over.

So, New York was the title given to one of the contestants of the original series, who turned out to be no only the loudest of the "ladies", but the most shit insane. Yes, bat shit insane would definitely be a very applicable description, as would "Bitch", "Fucking Nut Job", and "WTF is WRONG with her??". Those are official diagnosi (the plural of diagnosis, as defined by me) by the way.

Now "I Love New York" is an exact ripoff, stealing the exact format of the Flavor of Love, but without the mental stability. And intellectual ability. If you were looking for proof of the de-evolution of the human race, this show and it's contestants would be brilliant proof. VH1 has actually managed to create a show that reaches through your television, into your brain, finds the portion of your brain that controls happy, and kills it. It doesn't just kill it, it shoots it, stabs it with a brick, runs over it with a truck, tracks down it's family, kills them, abducts their cat, and gives it's sister melanoma.

On the brighter side of things, we do have the Ultimate Showdown for your viewing pleasure....

Peace and stuff,

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