Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Red Wine == Drunk

Yeah, so long and short of the deal......I'm drunk. Been a long time since I sat down by myself with the internet and drank myself retarded. Man, this is the good life. Please tell me that I'm not the only one that enjoys a good "alone drunk".

Anyway, I might have to say that I'm quite the XBox fanboy. I love all things Msft (hell I work there), and so it's fair enough to say, that I'll probably take anything they say, and take it for truth. This being said, just yesterday my XBox 360 started freaking out on me. I have been pretty damn careful trying to keep it safe and cool and what not, but as of yesterday, my base cooling "system" for it no longer works alone.

Most people will automatically go "Oh this retard has it in a closed cabinet with no space." Not the case, if I wasn't too drunk to figure out how to opperate my camera, I'd take a picture to show you that it is in fact on top of my entertainment center, uncrowded by anything.

Now unfortunately the only way I can get Gears to work for longer than 15 minutes is to take a fan and have it blowing on the 360. Suck balls.

Then tonight I see this article on the webs. Now I appreciate the fuck out of Msft extending the warantee for 3 years, but it also woulde be exceedingly cool if the problem was not an issue in the first place.

Here's a question, has Msft learned from their mistakes and corrected it in the new "Elite" version of the 360s?


is the coolest music video EVER!!!

Sleep is needed.

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